Competition named after Yuri Levitan announced by the expert jury

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. The international competition “Heroes of Our Time” for journalists and bloggers named after Yuri Levitan has named the composition of its expert jury. It includes titled Russian journalists, TV and radio presenters and well-known media experts.

Among them – Dmitry Kiselev , General Director of the international media group “Russia Today”; famous Russian journalist, TV presenter Arina Sharapova; Russian journalist, writer, radio host Armen Gasparyan ; General Director – Artistic Director of the Russian State Music TV and Radio Center Irina Gerasimova ; Russian journalist, TV presenter Ernest Matskyavichyus ; popular blogger, singer and actress Anisa Murtayeva ; Russian journalist, TV presenter, deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Revenko ; Russian journalist, radio host, head of the Russian-language radio broadcasting Sputnik Alexey Orlov ; Russian writer, publicist, translator, blogger and computer game developer Dmitry Puchkov; famous announcer and TV presenter, legend, face and voice of the country Anna Shatilova.

The jury members shared their expectations from the competition and told why they decided to take part in the jury. “This is a very important and necessary undertaking that meets our time. We are at that stage in the development of our society when we must answer the question who is the hero of our time for us, define it for ourselves. Each generation and each time has its own heroes There is no better feat than giving your life for your friends. These are the people we call heroes. These are our contemporaries who are ready for self-sacrifice, whom no one forces, but they go to the “red zone” and save the lives of others. These are our guys. who fight against the evil of the 21st century – terrorism. These are our athletes who glorify Russian sports. These are our doctors and teachers who devote their lives to people every day. Phrases of our heroes Magomed Nurbagandov “Work, brothers!” and Roman Filippov “This is for you for the boys! “are now known to everyone, and we are proud of them. We must talk about such heroes so that young people understand that among them there are the same guys who are able to take a step beyond their capabilities and sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. “Evgeny Revenkoro-Russian journalist, TV presenter, deputy of the State Duma” The Yuri Levitan competition reminds us that heroes are among us. They do not give up and every day with their lives set an example for all of us. This topic is especially close to me. My younger brother was born with mild autism, he is 18 years old, and he taught me a lot and is teaching me every day. I am amazed at the sincerity, kindness and forgivingness of this man. I believe that we should not forget about such people who, despite personal difficulties, remain open, kind and inspire all of us for good deeds. “Anisa Murtaeva popular blogger, singer and actress” It is extremely important to talk about such invisible heroes. This is not only a good opportunity to once again tell about those people who live next to us and do good deeds, but also an opportunity to stimulate people to such deeds. The idea of the competition is very good, because Yuri Levitan is our Teacher. I still saw the Soviet school of radio, when they taught at his work. Now, of course, the radio has changed significantly, but nevertheless, I believe that the memory of it must be preserved by any means. Such a competition is a very good story, all the more so if it reveals new names. “Armen Gasparyan Russian journalist and radio host on Sputnik radio, blogger, writer, publicist” A person reaching a large audience from a TV screen, from a computer monitor or from a radio, by definition should be different from everyone else. Yes, of course, the image of the announcer and the presenter is not as sacred as half a century ago, but still, in the viewer's view, these are special people, possessing some special knowledge and, of course, inspiring confidence. It is this last quality – the ability to inspire trust – will forever remain the main criterion for success in our profession. A person who is trusted will be allowed into their apartment every day – into their living room, dining room and even bedroom. From the lips of such a person, they will agree to accept news about the events taking place around – both pleasant and dramatic: from a pandemic, sanctions and freezing rain to the victory of the Russian football team. He must be able to inform, educate, convince, entertain, calm down and, of course, not leave the viewer indifferent. Such people are very much needed by other people and the country, and we have these people. I believe that the competition named after the great Yuri Borisovich Levitan will help us today find the best, strongest and most convincing. “Ernest Matskyavichyus is a well-known Russian journalist, TV presenter

About the competition

The Yuri Levitan International Competition “Heroes of Our Time” started on March 4. Journalists and bloggers can present their work in four categories: author's television program, author's radio program, audio podcast and video blog. Applications will be accepted until May 5, 2021. You can apply for participation and learn more about the competition on the project page on the website.

The “Heroes of Our Time” competition is part of the anniversary events of the Russia Today media group, timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the Soviet Information Bureau (Sovinformburo). From the Soviet Information Bureau, which was founded two days after the start of the Great Patriotic War, on June 24, 1941, the largest international news agencies in Russia – the Novosti Press Agency, RIA Novosti and the Rossiya Segodny international media group – trace their history. During the year, a number of projects dedicated to the history of agencies and those who worked in them in different years will be implemented on the resources of the media group and on external sites.

The information partners of the competition were the Union of Journalists of Russia,, and the Media Laboratory.

The Union of Journalists of Russia is one of the largest in Europe. It unites about 100 thousand people. The UJR includes 82 regional organizations, as well as more than 40 creative associations, guilds and unions. Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia – Vladimir Gennadievich Solovyov. was opened on July 16, 2001 by the Independent Radio Broadcasting Foundation. Today it is a unique information, analytical and communication Internet resource for everyone who loves media – media professionals, specialists in all media areas, students of specialized universities.

The Media Laboratory is a unique platform for identifying, supporting and developing bloggers and talented young media professionals, developing the media industry and promoting the development of creative industries (formerly the International Student Television Association, MAST, an organization that accumulates and supports student media in Russia).

Rossiya Segodnya is an international media group whose mission is to provide prompt and balanced coverage of events in the world, informing the audience about different views on key events. The Rossiya Segodny media group presents a line of information resources: abroad – the international news agency and radio Sputnik, in Russia – RIA Novosti, Prime, InoSMI,, Baltnews and TOK. Follow the news of “Russia Today” in the telegram channel of the press service – “Zubovsky, 4”.

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