A new production at a meat processing plant opened in Mordovia

NIZHNY NOVGOROD, March 16 – RIA Novosti. Acting head of Mordovia Artem Zdunov took part in the launch of a new production at the Atyashevsky meat processing plant (MPK) in the Torbeyevsky region, the press service of the head of the region reports.

The enterprise produces 300 types of products, which are represented in 77 regions of Russia, as well as in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The production capacity is 800 tons per day.

“The Acting Head of Mordovia examined the production sites of the enterprise, many of them have no analogues in Russia in terms of technical equipment. As part of the visit to the enterprise, a new production was launched, in which 455 million rubles were invested. The new workshop employs 360 people, production is round-the-clock and is carried out in four shifts, “the message says.

It is noted that a total of 1,700 people work at the Torbeev site of the IPC, the average salary is 35 thousand rubles. There are many nonresident employees among the employees, four dormitories have been specially built for them.

“After the opening of production, Zdunov held a meeting with top managers of the company and members of the regional government responsible for the agricultural industry, where they discussed plans for the development of the Atyashevsky MPC. Until 2025, the amount of investments of the Talina Group of Companies, which includes the Atyashevsky MPC, in the economy of Mordovia may reach 50 billion rubles. The group of companies plans to continue developing the agricultural and processing industries in Mordovia. Including the construction of 13 pig farms and another feed mill, “the report says.

The Acting Head of Mordovia emphasized the importance of the development of production for the republic and for the region, noting that “these are jobs with decent wages, this is an opportunity for residents of rural hinterland to work in their homeland and not go to work in other regions.”

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