A bill has been introduced to the State Duma that will expand the coverage area of compulsory motor third party liability insurance

MOSCOW, March 16 – RIA Novosti. A group of parliamentarians from the LDPR faction submitted to the State Duma a bill on the possibility for motorists who insured their car to compensate for the damage caused to their car by utilities, according to the OSAGO policy, said on Tuesday one of the authors of the project, the head of the State Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy Yaroslav Nilov in his Telegram -channel.

Changes are proposed to the law “On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Vehicle Owners.” “In recent years, there has been a tendency for an increase in the number of drivers who do not want to purchase an MTPL policy. One of the reasons is the lack of protection of the owners of this policy who have suffered from certain unforeseen situations on the road. or in courtyards “, – it is noted in the explanatory note to the project. We are talking about situations when cars are damaged “due to the unsatisfactory condition of the road surface (holes and potholes), uncleared snow, falling icicles from roofs and rotten trees not cut down in time”, that is, as a result of “illegal actions (inaction) of state bodies, local authorities responsible for the condition of highways, as well as organizations of the communal complex. “

The authors of the project note that even if such organizations admit their guilt, car owners are forced to independently bear the burden of recovering the damage caused from them in court. “Those cases that have reached the courts drag on for months, which creates an unnecessary burden on the judicial system. Analysis shows that the average time for considering such cases is almost 9 months,” the documents to the project say.

In such conflict situations, the authors propose to use a well-functioning mechanism for compensation for damage under the CMTPL policy.

“The bill proposes to amend the law … according to which harm caused to a citizen as a result of illegal actions (inaction) of state bodies, local authorities responsible for the condition of highways, and organizations of the communal complex, is subject to compensation by the insured civil liability of the victim by the insurer, which in the future In order of recourse, collects the amount of insurance compensation made to the victim from the guilty state bodies, local authorities and organizations of the communal complex, “the explanatory note says.

The authors are confident that the adoption of the bill “will significantly increase the level of confidence in this type of compulsory insurance, as well as provide additional protection for our drivers.” In addition, such an innovation will not lead to losses of insurance companies “due to the fact that the compensation paid to the victims in compensation for harm by way of recourse will be fully reimbursed to the insurance company by the inflictor of harm.”

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