Turkish Defense Ministry accuses Syria of striking in Aleppo province

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. The Turkish Defense Ministry claims that Syria launched a missile attack on two settlements in the northern part of the Aleppo province controlled by Ankara. The agency's statement is reported by the Anadolu agency.

Earlier, the pro-government Syrian newspaper al-Watan reported that oil tankers in this part of the province were hit by missiles on Monday night.

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the shells were launched from the Quayres airfield. They allegedly hit the cities of Jarablus and El-Bab, the ministry reports. According to the agency, the Turkish side notified Russia of the need to prevent such attacks from Syria.

In August 2016, the Turkish army launched Operation Euphrates Shield against militants of the IS * terrorist group. With the participation of the Syrian opposition, she took the border town of Jarablus in the north of the SAR, as well as the cities of Azaz and Al-Bab.

Ankara and Washington on October 17, 2019 announced that they agreed to suspend the Turkish military operation “Source of Peace” in northeastern Syria for 120 hours and the withdrawal of Kurdish formations from a 30-kilometer buffer zone on the Syrian-Turkish border – Ankara intended to control it independently. Later, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that the United States had not fully fulfilled its obligations to Ankara under the agreements on Syria, and Turkey was not ready to make compromises.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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