The Ministry of Finance explained the procedure for installing a Russian search engine on gadgets

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. Users will be able to refuse to use the Russian search engine preinstalled on gadgets, the Ministry of Digital Industry said.

So the department explained its message that from July 1, on the smartphones, Smart TVs, computers and laptops sold in the country, the Russian search engine will be installed by default, which will later be determined by the government.

“On a device manufactured after July 1, 2021, upon activation or when entering the browser for the first time, a selection window will appear, where the user can independently select one of the search engines. Among them, there will be a Russian one. Naturally, the user will have the opportunity to change your choice at any time “, – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Digital Science Maxim Parshin.

In December 2020, Russia adopted a law according to which, from April 1, 2021, it is prohibited in the country to sell certain types of technically complex goods without preinstalling the software prescribed by the government.

In early January, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the list of programs, which included popular search engines, Internet browsers, mail services, social networks, antivirus software and online cinemas.

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