The ministry explained how to pre-install Russian software

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. The RF Ministry of Digital Affairs gave explanations to manufacturers of electronic devices on the methods of preliminary installation of software, earlier representatives of specialized associations and equipment manufacturing companies addressed the ministry with such a request, the press service of the department reports.

The press service clarified that the main issue concerned the non-discriminatory display of programs in relation to others originally installed on new devices. “According to the experts of the Ministry of Digital Science, this requirement assumes an equal user experience, that is, the number of actions to launch and use the program. Russian applications from the list of presets should be located next to other programs of the same class: both from the same category next to on the same device screen,” – explained in the ministry.

They added that improving the position on the screen of pre-installed programs is possible in accordance with civil law.

President of the Association of Trade Companies and Producers of Electrical and Computer Equipment (RATEK) Alexander Onischuk pointed out that the regulator's explanations are extremely important for the industry. “Now the industry and regulators are for the first time going along a path with a preset, and, of course, many questions arise. We are constantly broadcasting the questions of manufacturing companies to the Ministry of Digital Industry and are in communication with the department,” he said.

Leo Lee, President of Huawei Consumer Business Group in Russia and the CIS, said that the vendor is ready to support Russian software manufacturers, whose applications must be pre-installed on Huawei products, both within the framework of meeting the requirements of Russian legislation and in order to develop the ecosystem. “Huawei plans to bring its products in full compliance with the specified legislative acts within the timeframe established by law,” he said.

“Since the launch of LG products on the Russian market, our company has always strived to be closer to the consumer and is trying to localize its devices as much as possible. And the idea of pre-installing the most popular Russian programs will help localization. And undoubtedly, we are now working on their pre-installation and so that all our the new models complied with the requirements of Russian legislation “, – commented, in turn, Vitaly Svistunov, head of Smart TV in Russia, LG Electronics.

In December 2020, a law was passed according to which, from April 1, 2021, it is prohibited to sell certain types of technically complex goods in Russia without pre-installing Russian software prescribed by the government. In early January, the Russian government approved a list of Russian programs for pre-installation on smartphones, computers and smart TVs sold in Russia from April 1, 2021. Among them are popular search engines, Internet browsers, postal services, social networks, anti-virus software, online cinemas and other types of software.

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