The father of a Russian-speaking student complained about “lawlessness” in a Latvian school

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. A resident of Riga, Igor Yudin, wrote on Facebook about the difficulties his son faced while studying at the Kengarag secondary school because of the Russian language.

In particular, the father of the first grader was outraged that the design and technology teacher was talking about the rules of bread production in Latvian. “To make it clear, I will explain – from sowing seeds to baking ready bread! Completely in Latvian for first graders! I even wonder how many of us, will they be able to tell about it on their own in Latvian? ” Yudin asked.

After that, as a user from Latvia specified, the student had to provide a report on the work done in Word format.

“Yesterday my son was preparing himself all day, taught the text so as not to read from a piece of paper … And what is the result – she did not accept the job from him, he, you see, told about it in Russian! <...> Some kind of lawlessness” – said the man.

At the same time, he claims that the teacher had no right not to accept the boy's work, since up to the seventh grade, the child can answer in a language that is convenient for him.

Many users sided with the unhappy parent.

“Poor children, already from the first grade they are under such stress. To put it mildly, I am in shock. Everyone should know Latvian in Latvia. But first, children need to learn the language,” Mari Jane pointed out.

“And it's easier to take out your anger on children! Don't let such a teacher go to school for a kilometer!” – considers Zinaida Meduha.

“The teacher could say at the very beginning of the lesson – children, who can, you can answer in Latvian, it will be cool! Who can not, we answer in Russian and do not worry. I will listen to everyone and accept work. That's it! It's as if you are being escorted to the gas chamber and they politely say that everything will be fine in principle! ” – emphasized Natalia Mitrova.

“We are in this school. Also 1st grade. Also today there was a design lesson. Presentation of bread baking from A to Z in Latvian. The child sits in tears, ready to break his work,” said Inga Lapina.

However, there were also those who supported the principled teacher in this conflict.

“The teacher does not choose which language to teach. He is obliged to comply with the law on education of the Republic of Latvia,” said Tatjana Sulojeva.

“This is just a lesson within the framework of new reforms: linguistic and competence. There are no questions for the teacher. This is written in the educational standard,” Alexandra said.

On 22 March 2018, the Seimas of Latvia adopted in the final reading amendments to the law on education and to the law on general education, which provide for a gradual transition to teaching in the Latvian language at the secondary school stage in minority schools from the 2019/2020 academic year. Full translation for training in Latvian will be completed on September 1, 2021.

In Latvia, one state language is Latvian. Russian, which is native to 40 percent of the population, has a foreign status.

Read the full text on Sputnik Latvia >> AccentsNo principles, beliefs and categorical judgments can stand when the question of life and death arises. A person or, for example, a city. Let's say Riga. To preserve the local port, the authorities will have to go to the most extreme measures – to speak Russian.

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