The expert explained why you should not rejoice in the cancellation of loan debt

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. It happens that the bank does not require the borrower to pay off the debt, if it is small. But at the same time, the creditor can charge on this outstanding “symbolic” amount of impressive amounts of fines, penalties and penalties. Therefore, the borrower, neglecting even a small debt, creates a headache for himself, said Dmitry Ferapontov, senior lecturer of the banking department of the Synergy University, to the Prime agency.

“The bank may not require a small amount of debt to be returned, and the client will forget about the loan balance without requesting a certificate of full repayment, but the agreement usually contains rather high penalties for late and incomplete repayment. Ultimately, this can turn 50 rubles in 1,000 in a year, or even more, “the expert warned.

But even if the bank for some reason wrote off the debt, the negative factor persists, since information about the debt remains in the client's credit history. Even if the outstanding loan is insignificant and “forgiven”, its presence will affect the issuance of loans in the future.

“Delay, forgetfulness, the presence of” written off “debt and other examples of negligent attitude to finance are” stop signals “when granting a loan to a potential borrower,” Ferapontov warned.

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