The expert explained the failure of the United States with the development of the F-35 with a Russian proverb

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. In an article for the Zvezda weekly, military expert Alexei Leonkov spoke about the problems with the development of the fifth-generation American fighter F-35 Lightning II and recalled a Russian proverb, which, in his opinion, reflects the situation with the development of weapons in the United States and Russia.

Earlier, Forbes magazine said that the US Air Force has come to terms with the failure of the F-35 program. Experts noted that due to the growing competition, the design of the new aircraft was significantly complicated: as a result, development slowed down, costs increased, and the reliability of the project decreased. Because of this, the leadership of the Air Force had to come to terms with the fact that they would not be able to compensate for the time-tested F-16s with the same number of F-35s.

The specialist pointed out the obvious failures of the aircraft's stealth technology, which turned out to be useless against radar stations operating in the L-band (decimeter waves) and in the millimeter-wave (Ka-band). you will get into it, “but apparently the United States does not know it, since unfair competition is in their honor,” Leonkov noted.

The expert recalled that American experts initially criticized the Su-57 fighter, arguing that it was allegedly impossible to create a fifth-generation aircraft in Russia. In addition, they were not satisfied with “the lack of a native engine, Russian stealth technology and backward electronics.”

“However, even here they miscalculated, since Russia developed its own requirements for fifth-generation aircraft, which turned out to be much tougher than American ones. Therefore, our Su-57 surpassed the combat capabilities of both the F-22 and F-35 by an order of magnitude,” – he stressed.

The author believes that the main problem in the creation of weapons and military equipment in the United States is the merging of the financial interests of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex and the Pentagon generals.

“Because of these failed projects, the United States has lost its scientific and technical groundwork and technologies, and can no longer catch up with Russia, even increasing funding for breakthrough projects,” the expert explained.

Leonkov concluded that Russian fighters have a chance to advance on the world arms market, since “the ratio of price to quality in our country is a real, not an advertising indicator.”

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