The euro rate fell below 87 rubles

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. The ruble continues to rise in price against major reserve currencies, according to trading data on the Moscow Exchange.

So, by 20:03 Moscow time, the euro rate by “tomorrow” settlements decreased by 64 kopecks, to 87.06 rubles, the dollar depreciated by 31 kopecks – to 73.02 rubles.

During the trades, the American currency dropped to 72.90 rubles – for the first time since December 2020, the euro – to 86.97 rubles – a minimum since last August.

The Russian stock market is also growing. By 16:15 Moscow time, the ruble index of the Moscow Exchange grew by 1.22%, to 3582.53 points, the dollar RTS – by 1.56%, to 1543.15 points.

During the trades, the Moscow Exchange index updated its historical maximum and rose to 3596.31 points, the RTS index, supported by the strengthening ruble against the dollar, was able to rise to 1550.49 points and thus renew the maximum since February 2020.

May futures for Brent crude oil is reduced by one percent – to $ 68.53 per barrel.

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