The case of pandas: why in the USA they began to give birth less

The figure is known and discussed: last December, the United States registered a 7% decline in the birth rate. This is exactly nine months after the lockdowns with the closures of production and everything else began in the country – mainly in the states of the Democrats. Someone optimistically predicted that the couples locked in the house had nothing to do but … But it didn’t come true.

Let's say right away: the statistics here, as well as the comments to it, will continue to be American. We will not say that in Russia last year the population decreased by half a million and that our birth rate does not cover these losses. The point is not only that in the United States there are different approaches to statistics, but that there is a completely own and insanely exotic discussion on this topic. Which, however, is interesting and useful for everyone else – as a warning: you can't live like that.

Let's see how experts of the Heritage Foundation perceive the situation, this is just their part. One of them happily grabs at the statement of a woman who has become something of a living symbol of illiteracy and idiocy – congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She said, literally, “An entire generation is drowned in inhuman tuition debt, low incomes, high rents, lack of health care guarantees and sluggish climate change activism.”

There is no comment about the climate, but on the whole we have a simple and boring idea: those who are poor have fewer children. Give everyone money and things will get better.

It's easier than ever to answer it with statistics on rich and poor countries, which clearly show that the opposite is true. But Legacy does better: it gives examples from American history. The spread of the coronavirus

So, the birth rate in 2020 fell by seven percent. Then there are estimates: for example, the Brookings Institute links (according to the Alexandria method) fertility to unemployment and predicts that in 2021 America will miss 300-500 thousand births.

But no viruses and lockdowns here have brought anything new to the situation, our expert says. The birth rate in the United States has been declining for a decade. In 2010, the average woman gave birth to 2.06 babies (sorry for the inhuman dryness of these numbers), while maintaining population levels requires 2.1. In the past “covid” year, things reached 1.78, but fundamentally, this does not change anything, the birth rate curve has been falling continuously before that.

Now let's see how it was in 1935, during the Great Depression, when unemployment was 20 percent (and even higher before that). Try to say that this American nightmare felt better than today's disasters. But the birth rate per woman was 2.17, and the population, therefore, was growing. Was 1900 more than twice as fun as it is today? The year was very bad, but the birth rate was over four.

If it's not about wealth and poverty, then what? Perhaps it is that (according to a 2019 survey) only 22% of American women consider it necessary to have children in order to consider their life fulfilling, while 46% of respondents need work and a career to be fulfilled?

Here another expert from the same foundation comes into the conversation, and in an unexpected way: he recommends that parents not send their children to university, college, and even school. Why: there your child will be destroyed, and forever, the concept of decency, the ability to think, the very personality and its “moral compass.” There, the child will be forced to “hate reason, tradition, America, Christianity, whites, merit and achievement, freedom and masculinity.”

The latter is directly related to our conversation, the rest is indirect. It is clear that if even at school they regularly organize a “blue queen's day” (the translation is inaccurate), they say that the gender is “non-binary” (that is, there are much more than two sexes), and they also constantly oppress children with questions about what gender they are. , then no pandemic is needed here to forever instill aversion not only for sex, but for all living things in general, since it is not clear what gender it is and what follows from this.

How do you want people to make children, if masculinity is to be hated, and if so, femininity is going in the same direction?

In America today, especially in the rebellious southern states, serious medical research is now underway on what happens to people who are locked at home. The results are accumulated on sites like this one, and it is obvious that serious proceedings are just beginning. But in general, at least as regards childbearing, everything is already clear: a person in captivity does not reproduce much. Transforms into some other animal.

What: here, for example, a panda. Recently, a joke appeared about the fact that a panda chews its branches 12 hours a day, a person in quarantine is doing about the same. Therefore, what happened last year is called a pandemic. And what is the mating of pandas (an almost impossible task), know only the Chinese and a few zoo workers around the world.

Let's predict what will happen outside of the United States if the birth rate falls further. That is, for those who believe that there are too many people on Earth and that everything that happens is very opportune, such thinkers will be fine, but what about others? Why not return to the beginning the sexual revolution of the 1960s (or its version of the early XX century), and then gently suggest what does not prevent you from thinking about children?

Some are even already rehearsing. A talented piece just came out (because it instantly scored 93 million streams in the US alone and went to # 1 on the charts) a musical number with a classic chorus from the repertoire of the best nightclubs: “There are whores in this house.” They explain to us: we do not shame whores, we admire them, and this is about all of us, and this is especially about the fact that 2020 is gone, which was definitely not a year of great sex.

And all is well here until it turns out that the song is “dedicated to black sensuality.” What did you think – that white oppressors should have sex? This is America …

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