Seven cases of “Ugandan” strain of coronavirus detected in Latvia

RIGA, 15 Mar – RIA Novosti. The COVID-19 A.23.1 subspecies, which is called a strain from Uganda, was first discovered in Latvia, said the chairman of the Latvian Biomedicine Research Center, Janis Klovins.

According to him, the “Ugandan” strain of COVID-19 was found in seven patients. So far, all cases of the strain from Uganda in Latvia have been registered only in the city of Liepaja.

“There is already an increase in this subspecies. Data on A.23.1 is still lacking, but it can be considered potentially dangerous, because in Uganda it has spread actively, dominating the other subspecies of the virus,” Klovins told reporters on Monday.

The increase in cases makes one think that this subspecies may be more contagious.

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