Putin noted the active development of the Sirius center

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. At a meeting with the head of the Talent and Success Foundation Elena Shmeleva, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the successes of the Sirius center, which is actively developing and becoming a center for training talented schoolchildren and their teachers.

Sirius is actively developing in our country thanks to your efforts and the efforts of the team that you have gathered and rallied around you. It is really becoming a center for training talented children and retraining teachers, works in the regions in the most active way, develops all the areas that were selected as priorities at the first stage, and expands its activities, “Putin said.

He noted that laboratories of the highest world class appear within the framework of Sirius, higher educational institutions are being formed, and the organization of a technopark is planned.

Sirius is the first federal territory in Russia, formed in December 2020. The federal territory “Sirius” is a new type of public law formation, economically independent with its own budget and property. The issues of organizing the functioning of the federal territory will be resolved during a five-year transition period. The powers of the chairman of the council – the public authority of the territory – may be terminated ahead of schedule due to the loss of confidence of the President of the Russian Federation on the basis of his submission.

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