Penza mayor's office explained the school's plans to purchase portraits of the governor

SARATOV, 15 March – RIA Novosti, Eduard Demyanets. The design of thematic stands about the state structure of the Russian Federation and the Penza region at a Penza school is an integral part of educational work and has no political overtones, the press service of the mayor's office told RIA Novosti, commenting on the message about forcing the parents of students to buy portraits of the governor.

Earlier, the publication “7×7” with reference to the parents of schoolchildren reported that class teachers and members of parental committees at school No. 78 in Penza, on the eve of the annual conference of educational workers, which took place on March 11, asked parents to “urgently buy” portraits of the president and the governor, and print out the texts of the anthems of Russia and the Penza region to hang in school classrooms. Governor Ivan Belozertsev instructed to check the message about the coercion of the parents of students in Penza to buy his portraits.

“The Penza Education Department checked school No. 78 about information about” imposing policy “on the parents of students. As it turned out, a teacher of one of the primary grades turned to the parent committee with a request to help with the design of a thematic stand in the class. necessary materials, but during the discussion it was decided to print them on a color printer, “said the agency's interlocutor.

“Such stands, containing information about the state structure of the Russian Federation and the Penza region, are an integral part of the educational work of the school, including the upbringing of a citizen, and have no political background,” she stressed.

The Ministry of Education of the Penza region reported that when checking information about the coercion to buy portraits of the governor in a Penza school, it did not establish any pressure on the parents of students from the teacher or the parent committee.

“The Ministry of Education checked information on the involvement of parents in decorating a stand in one of the classrooms of school No. 78 in the city of Penza … To decorate the corner, the class teacher turned to the parent committee for help. A representative of the parent committee suggested that the parents of the students purchase all the necessary materials, but following the discussion, it was it was decided to print them on a color printer. There was no pressure on the parents from the class teacher or the parent committee to raise funds, “the message says.

The ministry explained that in accordance with federal state educational standards, students are required to know the state symbols of the country of which they are citizens, their small homeland.

“State symbols are enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and the President of Russia is the guarantor of the constitution. In the region, the highest official is the governor. At school, this work is carried out by the class teacher, using the capabilities of the” classroom corner. ” together with the children, because it contains not only information about the country, the region, but also about the collective affairs of the class, the achievements of the students, “the message says.

According to the Minister of Education of the region Alexander Voronkov, the joint work of a teacher, parents and students is the most effective method of achieving educational results.

“The teacher is obliged to create an educational environment, including through visual material, in order to form students' Russian identity, patriotism and citizenship,” the ministry's press service quotes Voronkov as saying.

The department added that parents can help the school, but only on a voluntary basis.

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