Novosibirsk surgeons rescued a baby with a rare heart defect

NOVOSIBIRSK, 15 Mar – RIA Novosti. Pediatric cardiac surgeons at the National Medical Research Center named after Academician E. N. Meshalkin in Novosibirsk have successfully operated on a newborn boy from Kuzbass, who was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart disease.

As told in the clinic, the baby was born in the city of Belovo ahead of schedule, at the 34th week of pregnancy. It turned out that he has a rare heart anomaly – one of the segments of the aorta, the largest artery, is missing, and the blood supply goes through the ductus arteriosus (an embryonic vessel that usually closes in the first days of a child's life). Without the intervention of surgeons, the baby could die.

The boy was admitted to the Meshalkin Center on the seventh day after birth.

“The situation was complicated by the fact that the child has a rare anatomical anomaly in the development of the cardiovascular system – the right-sided aortic arch. Whereas normally the aorta is located to the left of the heart,” explained the children's cardiovascular surgeon Yuri Kulyabin.

When the child was brought to the clinic, he weighed only 2.2 kilograms, and this threatened with complications during the operation. Therefore, the surgeons first placed a special stent in the ductus arteriosus. This allowed the baby to develop and gain weight for some time in anticipation of the operation. They decided to do it when the boy was a month old – he began to lose weight, heart failure progressed.

The operation lasted five hours.

“The cardiac surgeons filled the missing segment of the aorta with a homograft flap (processed material from cadaveric tissues) so as not to compress the bronchus in the future. The interventricular defect was closed with a patch made of biological material,” the Meshalkin Center said.

Soon after the operation, the baby regained consciousness, began to gain weight and regain strength. Two weeks later he was transferred to his mother's department.

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