Mishustin supported the idea of an additional Far Eastern hectare

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin supported the idea of an additional Far Eastern hectare for those who have successfully mastered the first one; asked the relevant ministries to prepare relevant proposals.

At a meeting with members of the legal commission on the socio-economic development of the Far East, he recalled that such a proposal had been made by businessman Mikhail Utrobin. The businessman suggested adjusting the rules of the mechanism, so that with the successful development of a hectare, a person would have the opportunity to get another such plot for farming.

“He (an entrepreneur – ed.) Himself successfully develops his business – and took another 10 hectares to expand production, but already outside the program. That is, the state helped his business at the start to get on the path of development. This is exactly what we launched all the programs. Such people, of course, need help, “- said Mishustin.

“The proposal for an additional hectare to successfully working entrepreneurs is very correct, it is necessary to expand the program's capabilities. But I only have one question, why such conditions have not yet been created and the order that was given then has not been fulfilled,” the head of the Cabinet of Ministers added, referring to meeting attendees. Good news

He asked to promptly execute the order and report to him on the results.

The Far Eastern Hectare program was launched in 2016. It allows citizens of the Russian Federation to choose, register and receive free of charge a land plot in the Far East. During the work of the program, more than 90 thousand people received the sites.

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