In Tatarstan, a snowmobile knocked down a girl

KAZAN, 15 March – RIA Novosti. A man on a snowmobile knocked down a girl in Sviyazhsk on Sunday afternoon, after helping a child with a shoulder injury, they were released for outpatient treatment, said senior assistant to the prosecutor of Tatarstan Ruslan Galiev.

In the video from social networks, several people are crossing a snow-covered path when a snowmobile with a driver and two passengers crashes into them. The woman walking first manages to jump, the snowmobile knocks down the girl and drags her several meters. The snowmobile stops, the passengers get off it, the men running up hit the driver in the face several times, after which he turns sharply and drives away. The girl rises to her feet, then sits on the edge of the road, a woman runs up to her. “The information was transferred to the Zelenodolsk prosecutor's office to organize an inspection. Acting Prosecutor of the Republic Aleksey Zaika gave the corresponding order today. The actions of the participants in the incident will be given a legal assessment, if there are grounds the guilty persons will be held accountable as established by law, “Galiyev told reporters.

He clarified that, according to preliminary information, the girl received a shoulder injury, after providing medical care in a hospital, she was released home.

The identity of the snowmobile driver has not yet been identified.

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