Biologist explains the emergence of the myth of the spiders eaten in a dream

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Reznik in an interview with Sputnik radio refuted the myth that a person eats from three to eight spiders in his sleep in his life.

According to him, in modern city houses there are no conditions for the reproduction of arthropods in such quantities that a person could unnoticeably swallow a spider. “In cities there is simply no such number of spiders in a modern apartment decorated according to the European standard, this is unlikely,” said the biologist.

Such incidents are possible only when spending the night in abandoned village baths, he said.

Reznik suggested where the rumors about spiders eaten in a dream come from. Confusion could have occurred in the translation from English of information about microscopic mites that live in pillows stuffed with down and feathers, he said. “In the West, manufacturers of synthetic pillows at one time waged an” information war “against traditional pillows stuffed with down and feathers. an element of this war was the assertion, quite justified, by the way, that ticks develop in these pillows, “the biologist recalled.

We are talking about microscopic mites invisible to the eye that feed on down and feathers, he said, adding that in some people, such inhabitants of pillows and mattresses can cause allergies.

“When they found out that the cause was a tick, the person switched to foam or synthetic winter pillows and mattresses and recovered from allergies. Maybe we are talking about the fact that a person sleeping on a pillow full of feathers swallows ticks?” – suggested Reznik.

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