Belozertsev was upset by messages about the purchase of his portraits in the Penza school

SARATOV, March 14 – RIA Novosti. The Governor of the Penza Region, Ivan Belozertsev, instructed to check the message about the coercion of the parents of schoolchildren in Penza to purchase portraits of the head of the region.

Earlier, the publication “7×7” with reference to the parents of schoolchildren reported that class teachers and members of parental committees at school No. 78 in Penza, on the eve of the annual conference of educational workers, which took place on March 11, asked parents to “urgently buy” portraits of the president and the governor, and print out the texts of the anthems of Russia and the Penza region to hang in school classrooms.

“I read the news that in the 78th Penza school, someone told my parents to buy my portraits. I am very upset. If this is true and is the fault of the school, I believe that the officials of the educational institution have committed arbitrariness. I am in such a manifestation of” respect. ” I do not need myself. And I condemn such actions. I instruct the Minister of Education of the Penza region to conduct an official check at the school, identify all the circumstances and bring the perpetrators to justice, “his press secretary Dina Cheremushkina quoted Belozertsev as saying in her Telegram channel.

The head of the region apologized in advance to the parents of the schoolchildren.

“For my part, if the information is confirmed, I want to apologize in advance to the parents of the students. Extortions in schools for any purpose and under any pretext are strictly prohibited. I ask you to report all cases of such actions on the part of school representatives immediately … If it was someone's initiative from the parent committee, I earnestly ask you not to take such actions in the future, “Belozertsev noted.

Belozertsev in 2019 demanded that the municipal authorities exclude levies from the parents of pupils for the needs of the school, pointing out that for people with modest means such fundraising is a huge problem. According to the governor, this problem is mainly typical for Penza, in the districts of the region this rarely happens. At the same time, the head of the region demanded from subordinates to check every complaint of parents about extortions in schools and, if confirmed, to dismiss the directors of these educational institutions.

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