AvtoVAZ raised prices for cars for the second time in a year

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. AvtoVAZ raised prices for the second time in a year, the rise in price averaged 10-20 thousand rubles for the basic modification, it follows from the data of the updated price lists of the company.

So, the most popular model of the Volga Automobile Plant – Lada Granta – in the standard configuration in the sedan body has risen in price by 11 thousand rubles and is now offered at a price of 511 thousand, followed by Vesta by consumer sympathy has grown by 20 thousand in the base and costs from 724 thousand rubles , Lada Xray has risen in price by 15 thousand and now starts at 695 thousand rubles.

The renewed Largus and Niva Travel also grew by 15 thousand to at least 705 and 763 thousand rubles, respectively, Lada Niva Legend (formerly 4×4) has risen in price by about 8 thousand rubles and is offered from 608 thousand rubles, follows from these price lists.

Prior to that, AvtoVAZ, following a number of other manufacturers, raised prices for its cars from January 15 by 10-39 thousand rubles, depending on the model and configuration, and in 2020 the company increased prices 5 times, but each time by a modest 1-2% …

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