Auto expert told when it is time to change winter tires

MOSCOW, 15 March – RIA Novosti. It is not worth changing winter tires for summer ones yet, but as part of preparing the car for warm weather, you can check the brake pads and fluids, auto expert Maxim Rakitin told Moscow 24.

According to him, it is too early to think about changing tires in the next two weeks – summer tires should be installed if the average daily temperature is kept at around seven degrees Celsius.

The expert also recalled other procedures that can be carried out with the car: for example, inspect the wipers – they could become unusable due to snow mixed with reagents. In addition, the vehicle should be washed.

“It is necessary to wash off all the dirt mixed with reagents from it so that the paintwork does not suffer, and you can also cover the body with wax,” advises Rakitin.

Earlier, the expert of the magazine “Za Rulem” Vladimir Soloviev gave advice on the seasonal replacement of wheels. After long-term storage, they must be checked for integrity and wear, as well as the landing boards. The discs must not be damaged. In addition, when mounting the tire on the rim, you must use the appropriate paste.

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