The leader of one of the ruling parties in Slovakia advocated the resignation of the prime minister

PRAGUE, 14 Mar – RIA Novosti. The best solution in the current crisis in the ruling coalition would be the resignation of Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovic, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Richard Sulik, said the leader of the For People party Veronika Remishova, speaking on TA3 TV channel on Sunday.

Following the parliamentary elections in March 2020, a ruling coalition of 4 parties was formed – “Ordinary People and Independent Individuals” (OLNL), “We are the Family”, “Freedom and Solidarity” (SIS) and “For People”. OLNL leader Igor Matovich was appointed prime minister, and CC leader Richard Sulik and Remishova – deputy prime ministers.

Against the backdrop of a critical epidemiological situation, when about 100 people die from COVID-19 every day in a country of five million and, according to the opposition, chaotic actions of the Cabinet to improve the situation, the leaders of the parties of the ruling coalition completed hours of negotiations on Wednesday to continue cooperation.

One of the main results of these negotiations was the agreement on the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Health Marek Krajci. The leaders of the right-wing parties SiS and For People, generally dissatisfied with the minister's work, greeted his decision to use the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in the republic on March 1 amid shortages of other vaccines. And Foreign Minister Ivan Korchok, who represents the CCS party, even called the vaccine “an instrument of hybrid war.”

According to the prime minister, the head of the Ministry of Health became a “ritual victim” of disagreements in the ruling coalition and tried to keep him in office until the practical application of Sputnik V began in the republic. However, this caused a new outburst of indignation on the part of the leaders of the CC and “For People” parties, who announced the return of negotiations in the coalition to zero. They were not reassured by the emergency voluntary resignation of the head of the Ministry of Health on Friday.

And on Sunday, the leader of the For People party and Deputy Prime Minister Remishova unexpectedly announced that she considered the best solution to the current crisis to leave the cabinet of not only Prime Minister Matovich, but also Deputy Prime Minister Sulik.

“I did everything in my power to preserve our coalition. One of the solutions to the crisis could be early parliamentary elections, but this would lead to long-term chaos in the country. Therefore, the best solution would be to leave the government of Matovic and Sulik . I understand that it is humanly unpleasant, but, looking back at the past negotiations, I see this as the only solution for overcoming the crisis, “Remishova said.

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