The analyst named the main risks for your finances

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. First of all, these are crises that cause panic in the stock markets quite regularly. This shouldn't be scary: crises are just as inevitable and regular as growth. At first, the tension builds up for several years, and then the “black swan” comes to the markets, Denis Badyanov, an analyst at Alfa-Capital Management Company, told the Prime agency.

This is an event that occurs unexpectedly and has unpredictable consequences for markets, the economy or humanity as a whole. The most striking example is the coronavirus pandemic, which crashed world markets and turned into large-scale changes for all of humanity.

It is impossible to foresee them, but a competent investor needs to be ready to diversify their risks, because in addition to the sectors most affected by the crisis, there may be beneficiaries. For example, last year, against the background of falling shares of oil companies, the shares of the pharmaceutical sector, IT companies, leisure services and distance learning were actively growing.

It happens that personal problems are making a hole in your finances. In the event of unforeseen expenses or loss of income, a number of financial assets should be kept readily available so that they can be easily accessed. The expert recommends having time to close personal debts and small loans before the start of the predicted crisis so that the family does not have an additional financial burden. According to Badianov, you need a supply for 3-6 months of ordinary life, plus it is important to take into account all income and expenses in detail – surprises may lie in wait here.

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