The 5 second rule: is it okay to eat food that falls on the floor

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. Is it possible to eat food that has fallen on the floor if you pick it up quickly, said Andrey Shestakov, head of the microbial biotechnology group at the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University, in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Some people, whether jokingly or seriously, talk about the time-tested “rule of five seconds”: they say, if you drop food and pick it up right there, the microbes will not have time to “crawl” onto the food.

Shestakov advised to forget about this “rule” once and for all.

According to him, you can pick up and eat only what has fallen on the table, in the cleanliness of which you are sure. For example, on a table in your home, the surface of which you periodically treat with disinfectants. But the cleanliness of tables in other places can no longer be certain. Moreover, you cannot eat what has fallen to the floor, even if it is about your own apartment.

“No matter how clean the floor looks to you, we do not see microbes, so there is no way to estimate the number of microorganisms. In any case, everything that falls on the floor should be disposed of and in no case should be eaten,” Shestakov warned.

There is a very real possibility that even on a clean-looking floor there are dangerous bacteria and viruses brought from the street. “No matter how hard you try to wash your home floor, dangerous microorganisms can appear there. For example, through shoes, if we stepped in animal feces and at home. shoes passed through the hallway. Or through the clothes that were in public transport, “Shestakov added.

Moreover, we can talk not only about bacteria and viruses that cause dangerous diseases. Most microorganisms are safe or even useful, but there is an exception: microorganisms from another person and from an animal. In another person there may be microbes that are absolutely indifferent to him, and they can kill us, the biologist noted. And the most likely place where these microorganisms are present is precisely the floor.

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