Shatunov spoke about the murder of a participant in “Tender May” in front of his eyes

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. Singer Yuri Shatunov spoke on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel about the murder of a former member of the Laskovy May group, keyboard player Mikhail Sukhomlinov.

The tragedy took place in the fall of 1993 near Shatunov's house. At that time, Sukhomlinov had already left the musical group, but he was still friends with the vocalist. “Morning. I woke up, turned on the keys, put on headphones. Mishka got ready, had breakfast, went downstairs (went out into the street. – Ed.). Two shots . I look out the window, the car drives off. I do not remember what color and what numbers “, – explained Shatunov.

After that, the musician went out into the courtyard and saw the bloody body of Sukhomlinov.

“I look – his whole neck is like a sieve. There is not a bullet, there were two shots from a shotgun, buckshot”, – said the artist.

Shatunov added that the keyboardist died in his arms.

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