RBC: catering began to save on napkins due to increased food prices

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. Russian catering establishments admitted the possibility of price increases due to the rise in food prices, RBC reports.

Thus, according to the opinion of businessmen, the greatest increase in prices is observed for chicken. However, many restaurateurs declared their readiness to adapt to new circumstances.

The founder of the restaurants “Meat & Fish” Sergey Mironov and the founder of “Teremka” Mikhail Goncharov announced that they would revise the prices for their dishes.

At the same time, Goncharov also said that in order to get out of this situation, the less beautiful plastic cutlery of the old model was returned to the food courts and the napkins of higher quality were abandoned. “It is better to use more modest napkins, but stay with the same prices and the same quality of dishes,” – he noted.

The KFC restaurant chain said that due to large volumes of purchases and direct work with suppliers, the rise in prices was not as significant as in retail. In addition, they noted that they periodically adjust prices for some items in the menu.

In turn, representatives of McDonald's said they were not going to raise prices at all.

Earlier, Russia introduced constant monitoring of prices for consumer goods and services: if the growth in the cost of products will greatly outstrip the rate of inflation, the relevant ministries will have to propose stabilizing measures.

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