Polish expert reveals Ukraine's fraud when buying Russian gas

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. An independent Polish energy expert Andrzej Szczęsnyak told in an article for Myśl Polska how Kiev's attempt to “refuse” natural gas supplies from Russia ended for ordinary Ukrainians.

The author recalled that in 2015, Gazprom stopped supplying blue fuel to Ukraine, since the country “stopped paying its bills.” At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities considered it “political blackmail” and began to “proudly count the days without Russian gas.” their own, becoming more and more modest needs. ”To legalize such a system, they came up with a” virtual reverse “, – explained Shchensnyak.

According to him, for this there was a mechanism for “winding the meter” – a small pipeline loop at the border control and measuring point, in which gas was circulating. As a result, as the expert noted, the Ukrainians continued to receive Russian gas, but at European prices.

“The comparison of Ukrainian prices and prices on European exchanges was breathtaking <...> All gas imported to Ukraine was Russian, but the West skimmed the cream. 25-50 percent of the price difference was covered by ordinary Ukrainians, who began to pay much more for gas and heating. “, – says the publicist.

Szczęsnyak concluded that Western suppliers and their partners in Ukraine managed to “make excellent money on a simple scheme.”

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