In Magadan, a student without money was dropped from a minibus in a 20-degree frost

MAGADAN, 14 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Prosecutor's Office of the Magadan Region has begun verification on the fact of the actions of the driver, who in Magadan dropped the 13-year-old schoolboy due to lack of money on the transport card, the official website of the main supervisory agency of the region reports. the driver of the minibus who dropped the student off the bus at the stop “Northern Lights” in Magadan. The teenager did not have funds on the transport card. As a result, the minor was left on the street in the cold, “the message says.

The Governor of the Magadan Region, Sergei Nosov, said he would keep this situation under control. He also instructed to conduct explanatory work with carriers in the region.

“There was an egregious incident. The driver dropped the teenager out of the minibus. Route twenty-six, stop” Northern Lights. “

The State Duma previously adopted amendments to the Charter of road transport and urban ground electric transport, which prohibit the forced disembarkation of children under 16 years of age from public transport who travel unaccompanied by adults. A series of incidents attracted attention to the problem, in which children were left alone – often late and in the cold – because they could not pay for the bus fare. In some regions, laws were passed in 2019 and 2020 to prohibit unloading children from vehicles. Now this norm is fixed at the federal level.

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