Historian lists stereotypes about Russians abroad

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. There are stereotypes about every nation, historian and tourism specialist Laurent Tissot told the French edition of Le Figaro.

So the historian said that in the world there is a widespread stereotype about Italian womanizing, bad-smelling French, uneducated Americans, drunken British, uncultured Chinese and Germans traveling in socks and sandals.

As for the Russians, according to Tissot, they are considered noisy, rude, impolite and even asocial. At the same time, as the expert emphasized, these myths have a historical explanation: the country was “closed in itself” for a long time, and its inhabitants began to travel across Europe and the West after the fall of the Berlin Wall. make up for lost time, consumerism and arrogance, “- explained the specialist.

Foreigners, he said, consider Russian oligarchs to be businessmen who cannot live without fur coats and expensive watches. In communication, Russians are reproached for their inability to pretend: if they are dissatisfied with something, then everyone around will know about it.

Earlier, German photographer Frank Herforth said that Russians, contrary to myths about their gloom and uncommunicativeness, are cheerful, open and hospitable. He also noted the fact that for the people of the country, the family is in the first place.

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