“For harsh people”: Bulgarians admired Russian cars

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. The readers of the Bulgarian portal “Fakti” highly appreciated the Russian UAZ vehicles.

The publication published material on the Hunter and Loaf models, which quoted the words of the general director of UAZ. He said that these cars will continue to be produced as long as there is demand for them, and explained the popularity of the models “by the geographical features of the region and low purchasing power.”

The readers of the portal noted the excellent off-road qualities and unpretentiousness of the Russian car.

“This is a jeep for harsh conditions and harsh people, not for genders driving on paved roads in the Alps, ” the user wrote.

“Hunter” is steeper than 99 percent of Western “jeeps” in cross-country ability. Therefore, there has been a demand for it for many years, “another reader explained.

“If someone still buys them, there must be someone who will sell them. Yes, antediluvian technology, but just for those who drive across the steppes and who have no money for a new Toyota,” said the commentator.

“Yes, because such cars will start and go even if there is an atomic war, that's why!” – added the reader.

“UAZ is a machine for unpaved roads, it is ideal for hunters, farmers, workers in agriculture and forestry, the military, etc. There is nothing superfluous in it. Therefore, there is a demand. In Bulgarian villages, only Russian trucks are used everywhere. , – added another user.

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