Doctor Karabinenko told who should not fast

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. Honored Doctor of Russia, Professor of the Department of Hospital Therapy, N.N. N.I. Pirogov, Alexander Karabinenko, in an interview with “Evening Moscow”, recommended patients with coronavirus to refrain from fasting.

According to him, the patient should receive good food, gain strength and recover. “Covid is a serious illness, and the body needs good nutrition to resist this disease,” Karabinenko explained.

The pulmonologist advised believers who nevertheless decided to fast to listen to their bodies. “During strict fasting, it is allowed to eat fish, seafood on certain days, and even to maintain strength with wine,” the therapist emphasized.

Karabinenko urged Russians not to go to extremes and recalled that a balanced diet includes one part of protein, one part of fat and four parts of carbohydrates.

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