AstraZeneca estimated the number of cases of thrombosis after vaccination with her drug

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca said the number of blood clots among the 17 million people who received the vaccine was “lower than would be expected in the general population.”

“About 17 million people in the EU and the UK have received our vaccine, and the number of reported cases of blood clots is lower than the hundreds that would be expected in the general population,” said Ann Taylor, Chief Medical Officer.

AstraZeneca also said there was no evidence of an increased risk of blood clots from the drug. So far, only 15 cases of deep vein thrombosis and 22 cases of pulmonary embolism have been reported in the EU and the UK, according to the company. In addition, during clinical trials, the incidence of blood clots was lower in the group that received the vaccine.

According to company representatives, not a single batch of vaccine used in Europe and the rest of the world has quality problems. It also says that AstraZeneca has conducted and is conducting additional testing on a regular basis, all tests meet strict quality criteria, and the data is shared with regulatory authorities in each country, where independent verification is required before a batch of vaccine is approved for use.

Earlier it was reported that the Austrian authorities decided to suspend the use of the batch of AstraZeneca vaccine as a precautionary measure due to the death of one vaccinated woman and the development of thromboembolism in another after receiving the vaccination. Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia followed the example of Austria. Denmark, Norway and Iceland also suspended the drug on Thursday.

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