Analyst Kuznetsov predicted a collapse of the dollar by the end of April

MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. Financial analyst Andrei Kuznetsov predicted a collapse in the dollar rate by the end of April, reports Vechernyaya Moskva.

The expert believes that in mid-April the dollar will strengthen its position and may rise to 75–76 rubles. However, according to Kuznetsov, then the American currency will collapse to almost 71 rubles.

The analyst stressed that a similar fate awaits the euro, the cost of which in April will not exceed 85.45 rubles.

It is noted that the ruble continues to strengthen its position against the background of rising prices for oil products, which will benefit its positions in the same way as the beginning of the tax period and expected VAT payments in April.

Kuznetsov concluded that Western sanctions continue to impede the strengthening of the ruble. Otherwise, the dollar and the euro could cost 67 and 78 rubles, respectively.

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