Ukrainian media told how the Americans will “surrender” Kiev because of Russia

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. US foreign policy under President Joe Biden is likely to be aimed at building relations with Russia as opposed to China and, therefore, bypassing the interests of Ukraine – this point of view was expressed by Ukrainian political and economic expert Taras Zagorodny in the material of the Glavred portal.

“The Democrats will surrender us. Under Biden, we will observe the continuation of Barack Obama's 'no' policy. There will be beautiful words and speeches in the style of Fukuyama. But there will be no action,” he writes.

In support of these words, the author of the article compared US foreign policy under Obama and Trump. So, he claims that it was Trump who arranged the halt of the construction of Nord Stream 2 in 2019, which provided Kiev with a lucrative gas transit contract. But with the coming to power of Biden, whom Zagorodny calls the direct successor of Obama's policies, Washington's actions will cease to play into Kiev's hands.

In addition, the journalist is confident that under the current president, the United States will “gently” develop relations with Russia in order to leave China without allies in the political arena.

The United States actively opposes the construction of a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, as it hopes to promote its liquefied natural gas in Europe. Ukraine also calls to stop the project. At the end of 2019, the United States imposed sanctions against Nord Stream 2, which interrupted pipe-laying for a year. As of the end of January, about 148 kilometers of both lines in the waters of Germany and Denmark remained to be completed, but Washington continues to threaten with new restrictive measures.

At the same time, the Russian side has repeatedly stressed that the construction of the pipeline meets the interests of European consumers and pursues purely economic goals. Germany is also supporting the project, as it is interested in a reliable supply of fuel.

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