Sevastopol became the leader in the growth of crime among Russian regions

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. The highest rate of increase in the number of detected crimes at the end of 2020 was recorded in Sevastopol – there this figure increased by 44 percent or 6.1 thousand, as well as in St. Petersburg (by 26.1 percent or 61.3 thousand) and the Leningrad region (by 12.8 percent or 27.4 thousand), according to the General Prosecutor's Office.

The rates, as indicated in the monthly compilation on the state of crime, decreased in Chechnya (by 16.9 percent or 3.1 thousand), North Ossetia (by 15 percent or 8.1 thousand) and Adygea (by 12.4 percent or 4, 1 thousand).

At the end of 2020, the crime situation in Russia as a whole remained stable.

More than 1.6 million crimes (80.4 percent) were committed in cities and urban-type settlements, every fifth in rural areas (390.3 thousand). Per 100 thousand of the population, 1,393 illegal acts were recorded, of which 384 were grave and especially grave.

Over the past five years, the overall crime rate has dropped from 1608.1 to 1392.7. The ministry stressed that for especially grave and grave problems, this figure increased from 350.2 to 383.7. The highest value was found in the Republic of Tyva (2634.2), the Amur Region (2322.5) and the Jewish Autonomous Region (2309.4).

Crimes of moderate and minor severity account for more than 72 percent. Their number decreased by 1.5 million (3.2 percent), and the total number of grave and especially grave cases increased by 563.2 thousand (14 percent). Most of them are committed in St. Petersburg – 22.9 thousand (37.4 percent), in the Leningrad region – 10.1 thousand (36.9 percent) and in Moscow – 53.5 thousand (36.5 percent).

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