Pushkov called Zelensky a president without principles

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. Senator Alexei Pushkov on the Telegram channel commented on the words of Volodymyr Zelensky, who had earlier called on the deputies of the Servant of the People party to unite on issues “of principle for the country”.

Pushkov said that the president of Ukraine “means total support from the” servants of the people “of any new” unprincipled turn “, also calling Zelensky himself a president without principles

“He seemed to have a principle – not to touch the Russian language. He touched it. He had a principle – to try to” win the minds and souls “of Donbass residents. He changed this” principle “without even trying. <...> There was a principle: to restore democracy after Poroshenko's rule. But instead Zelensky stopped her – even what was left of her by closing three TV channels. There was a principle – the willingness to kneel for the sake of peace. Canceled: residents of the DPR / LPR were invited to kneel, “Pushkov wrote.

According to the senator, Zelensky's demand for members of his party to “vote amicably” turns “servants of the people” into “just servants.”

The law “On ensuring the Ukrainian language as the state language” was adopted in April 2019. Within the framework of this law, a special “language commission” appeared in Ukraine, as well as the position of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Language, which is now occupied by Taras Kremin. Since January 16, Ukraine has a norm on the compulsory use of the Ukrainian language in the service sector. The Russian Foreign Ministry called this law an infringement of the rights of national minorities.

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