Japanese were impressed by Soviet giant planes

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. Readers of Yahoo News Japan told about their impressions of the Soviet planes An-225 Mriya, An-124 Ruslan and An-22 Antey described in the article, noting their unusual characteristics and relevance in modern conditions.

The Antonov aircraft company, as author Masao Taneyama writes, developed incredible machines. The strength of these aircraft lies in their ability to operate in rough terrain. They also have portholes at the bottom of the liner, designed for takeoff and landing where there are no necessary conditions for this. “I heard that this is how pilots observe the condition of the surface for landing,” Taneyama wrote.

The Antey was designed as a successor to the four-engined An-12 turboprop aircraft: at that time it had the largest fuselage for transport models. The aircraft is larger than the Boeing-787-8 and has portholes on the nose. The car was equipped with turboprop power plants with twin propellers rotating in different directions. The design of the An-22 was made on the laughter of a high-winged plane – the wings are located at the top point.

Despite the fact that the aircraft was created more than 50 years ago, it, like the An-124, is still used, for example, for the transportation of goods. The article recalled that the An-225 sometimes flies to Japan every few years.

User Zebansen reminded that the Ruslan engine can fit a Boeing 777-300ER engine.

“Antey can also perform tasks that are beyond the power of other aircraft. <...> It is necessary to fill the cargo compartments of these aircraft with the coronavirus vaccine and dilute them all over the world,” he wrote.

In addition, the commentator would like to see this plane live. The Yom reader also joined in his wish. Jukusuiseki noted the demand for the An-225 in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, the plane flew to Japan to load medicines. User Lau called the car “a fine example of the art of aircraft construction.” In addition, he remembered the B-52 and C-130, which have also been in operation for more than half a century. “These are legendary aircraft. It is a pity that Japan does not have such machines yet,” he explained.

Mur noted that these planes look like cars from one science fiction movie.

“In the USSR, in fact, there were many vehicles that had a unique shape,” a reader under the pseudonym Mon joined the discussion.

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