Immunologist Kryuchkov announced the body's cellular defense against coronavirus

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. Immunologist and general director of the contract research company Nikolai Kryuchkov, in an interview with, said about the body's cellular defense against coronavirus infection.

The specialist explained that cellular immunity is essential in protecting against infection. In various diseases, the role of the cellular component of the immune system may be greater or less than the role of antibodies. In the case of coronavirus, the significance of cellular immunity is not yet clear, but the fact that the body has this kind of instrument is beyond doubt, the doctor explained.

“We see that even asymptomatic carriers of covid do indeed have a cellular component of immunity against coronavirus. This fact has been established, there are certain types of immune T cells, Kryuchkov said.

He also clarified that the extent and duration of this kind of protection against coronavirus infection is still unknown.

In addition, Kryuchkov explained that a high level of antibodies is not a guarantee of better protection against COVID-19, since only a small number of certain antibodies provide a protective effect.

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