How to lose weight after covid without harming your health

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. Therapist, nutritionist, nutritionist of the Seline Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine Maria Chernyaeva in an interview with Sputnik radio told how people who have suffered COVID-19 to keep fit and lose weight without additional damage to health.

The extra pounds gained over the winter to lose after coronavirus infection will not be an easy task, since doctors recommend abundant nutrition to restore health, she said. After all, the disease leads to the loss of many beneficial elements, for example, amino acids and minerals. But this does not mean that after illness it is necessary to eat everything, we are talking about a balanced diet, emphasized Chernyaeva. “For the recovery period, we recommend abundant nutrition, but it should be balanced, with an emphasis on protein, healthy fats, long-lasting carbohydrates.” , – she noted.

To strengthen the body, the dietitian recommends giving preference to protein foods.

“Sources of protein are meat, preferably lean, that is, not lamb, not pork, let it be chicken, turkey, as well as fish and seafood,” explained Chernyaeva.

Treatment of infectious diseases associated with the intake of various drugs, including antibiotics, often disrupts the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Stress also has a negative effect on digestion, the doctor said. Fruits and vegetables containing fiber, which will help improve digestion, can help restore bowel function, she said.

It is best to start losing weight carefully, first of all by limiting the use of sugar, the dietitian believes. “If we at least remove the added sugar to begin with, we will stop sweetening tea and coffee that we drink many times a day, even a month before. to throw off up to two kilograms “, – said Chernyaeva.

The doctor does not suggest giving up chocolate, but advises to limit yourself to two squares a day: “for good health.” Healthy carbohydrates, she said, are whole grains, which must be included in the diet to restore the body after an illness.

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