Former Prime Minister of Ukraine told where Poroshenko got $ 45 million

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. Former Prime Minister of the country Mykola Azarov on the air of the radio station “Moscow Says” called the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “the most notorious marauder.”

“A marauder is one who profited from budgetary affairs, plundered the budget, plundered his country,” the politician explained, stressing that the former head of state keeps cash in the amount of $ 45 million at home.

In terms of manes, this is half a billion, and in terms of volume, the money will be borrowed by several trucks.

“Why does he keep them at home in such volumes? Apparently, he had to declare that he was brought in for making some decisions. He took them and declared them. This is the tip of the iceberg,” Azarov explained.

Poroshenko lost the presidency in 2019 to Vladimir Zelensky, who won 73 percent of the vote in the elections.

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