A driver with a debt of four million rubles in fines was detained in Moscow

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. The capital's police caught the driver with a total amount of fines of more than 3 million rubles and more than 1 million in penalties, and the police had to break the window of the car's front door to arrest him, said Vladimir Vasenin, head of the press service of the capital's headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A Toyota car driven by a 35-year-old man was stopped in the southeast of Moscow.

“When checking the citizen on the databases, it was found that the car was seized due to the owner's failure to pay fines totaling about 3 million rubles and more than 1 million fines. the right to drive vehicles after the expiration of the deprivation period, “Vasenin said.

FSSP officers arrived at the scene to detain a foreign car and place it in a specialized parking lot.

“The traffic police officers communicated with the driver through an ajar window, as the citizen categorically refused to get out of his car and blocked the doors. After repeated legal demands from the police to leave the car, it was decided to break the glass of the front door, unlock the locks and detain the aggressive-minded offender.” – added a representative of the Moscow police.

Later, the man was taken to the police department, and administrative materials were drawn up against him under Part 1 of Article 12.7 of the Administrative Code (“Driving a vehicle by a driver who does not have the right to drive a vehicle”) and 19.3 (“Disobedience to a lawful order or request of a police officer”). The court ruled to send the offender under administrative arrest for 10 days, the vehicle was arrested and placed in a special parking lot.

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