A Chinese man named the most delicious Russian sweets

MOSCOW, March 13 – RIA Novosti. A user of the Chinese portal WeChat spoke about the Russian sweets that interested him most.

The author wrote that, in his opinion, the inhabitants of Russia “have special feelings for sweets.”

First of all, he noted gingerbread, explaining that due to the peculiarities of their preparation, they combine “the pungency of spices and the sweetness of honey.”

Russian marshmallow, as the author notes, tastes like Chinese hawthorn sticks. A resident of the People's Republic of China adds that the sweet from Russia is rich in vitamins, does not contain additives that are harmful to health, and is suitable for a daily snack.

The author also admired Russian cakes, namely “Medovik”, which he calls “the Russian version of” tiramisu “,” delicious Napoleon cake “,” Prague “and” Bird's milk “, which a resident of the PRC noted as a” rather strange “name, and “unique taste”.

In addition, the portal user wrote about chak-chak, cheesecakes, syrniki and churchkhela.

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