The Pentagon has responded to criticism of pregnant women in the military

WASHINGTON, 11 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Pentagon argued on Thursday with the famous TV presenter Tucker Carlson, who was outraged by the presence of pregnant women in the ranks of the US military.

Carlson in his program on Fox News said that a special uniform for pregnant women was introduced at the Pentagon. “Pregnant women will fight in our wars, this is a mockery of the US military,” Carlson said. According to him, the Chinese military is becoming “more masculine” and the US military is becoming “more feminine.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that such comments from the presenter “humiliate all the US military.”

“We're not going to listen to the talk show host or Chinese military advice at all,” Kirby said.

In turn, the representative of the US Space Forces Scott Stoker in the official channel of this kind of troops on Twitter called Carlson's statements “a television drama.”

“I want to remind everyone that his opinion, to which he has every right, is based on absolutely zero days spent in the military,” Stoker said.

Women make up 16% of the U.S. military and 19% of the officer corps.

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