The doctor gave advice on the safe use of headphones

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Otolaryngologist of the highest category, Candidate of Medical Sciences Vladimir Zaitsev said in an interview with Sputnik radio what the danger of wearing headphones is.

The habit of wearing internal headphones all the time can lead to ENT diseases. Due to the fact that the ear is plugged for a very long time, fungal otitis media (otomycosis) may develop, the doctor explained. According to him, people who use hearing aids or work with headphones, for example, in call centers, are especially at risk.

Problems can also arise due to the contact of earphones with earwax. “The second point is that there is sulfur in the ear canal, and by plugging the ear with an earphone, we simply push the earwax down and press it, it begins to stick to the eardrum, and a dense sulfuric plug is formed. The ear will initially be blocked, and then the so-called contact otitis media will develop, “warned Vladimir Zaitsev.

Also, when the earphone is pushed deeper into the ear, it approaches the eardrum, which can result in hearing problems, especially when listening to loud music.

“Headphones, which are inserted into the ear, have to be inserted deeper due to loose contact. The earphone itself stands at the eardrum and strongly affects the inner ear. This affects the hair cells, the so-called organ of Corti, and begins to die off irrevocably,” – Vladimir Zaitsev emphasized.

The otolaryngologist gave recommendations on the safe use of headphones.

“It is better not to use headphones in public transport – it is too noisy there. Use it on the street, for example, on the way to work. Duration – twice a day for half an hour and, of course, not at maximum volume, but at half, not higher than 50%.” , – advised Vladimir Zaitsev in an interview with Sputnik radio .

He also noted the advantage of on-ear headphones that completely cover the auricle, which allows you to isolate from ambient noise and hear everything well without turning on the sound at full volume. The science

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