The court declared Korkunov bankrupt

MOSCOW, 11 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Moscow Arbitration Court declared the founder of the A. Korkunov chocolate factory, the main shareholder of the Kazan Ankor Bank, Andrey Korkunov, bankrupt and opened the procedure for the sale of his property.

Information about this is contained in the file of arbitration cases, in the column “Information about the adopted judicial act”. Details have not yet been released.

The first bankruptcy procedure – debt restructuring – was introduced by the court against Korkunov in September at the request of the Deposit Insurance Agency filed on behalf of Ankor Bank. Then, in the register of Korkunov's creditors' claims, his debt to the bank for two loans in the amount of 1.9 million rubles was included.

As the representative of the businessman said in court, Korkunov has enough property to meet the bank's claims, but he is abroad and “he has difficulties <...> with communication with his creditors.” At the same time, the lawyer did not dispute the existence of the debt and did not object to the restructuring of debts.

During the restructuring of debts, Korkunov was presented with three more demands: the FTS demand in the amount of about six thousand rubles was included in the register, the consideration of the demand of the Ministry of Land and Property Relations of Tatarstan for 607 million rubles was postponed, and production at the request of Ankor Bank for 5.9 billion rubles were suspended. For such an amount in the bankruptcy case of the Kazan bank, the DIA demands to bring to subsidiary liability its ex-leaders, including Korkunov. In January, the first instance refused the DIA.

The Tatarstan Arbitration Court declared Ankor Bank bankrupt in April 2017. In March 2020, the DIA filed a lawsuit to bring 15 former controlling persons of the bank to subsidiary liability.

According to the data on the Central Bank website, as of March 2015, Korkunov's share in Ankor Bank was 49.79%. Also among the shareholders are the ex-manager of the Odintsovo confectionery factory Vadim Fedorov (23.26%), Evgeny Makei (11.95%), the son of the former children's ombudsman Pavel Astakhov Anton (9%), Boris Bychinsky (3.5%), Pavel Sigal, first vice president of Opora Rossii, president of Avtogradbank (1.02%).

In 2007-2009, Korkunov sold his Odintsovo confectionery factory operating under the Korkunov brand. In early 2007, 60% of the business was acquired by the American Wrigley for $ 300 million, and the rest was subsequently acquired by the Mars confectionery corporation, which in the spring of 2008 bought Wrigley for almost $ 23 billion. After leaving the chocolate business, Korkunov decided to specialize in lending to small and medium-sized businesses and in July 2008 bought the Kazan Tatekobank (renamed Ankor Bank of Savings in 2009), the board of directors of which he personally chaired.

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