The court confirmed the fine to the deputy Bondarenko for participation in an illegal action

SARATOV, 12 March – RIA Novosti. The Saratov Regional Court on Friday upheld the decision on an administrative fine to the deputy of the Regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bondarenko for participating in an uncoordinated action, the press service of the court reported.

Bondarenko posted a video on YouTube on February 8, in which a police officer reports that the deputy was taken to the police department to draw up an administrative protocol for participating in an uncoordinated rally on January 31. The Frunzensky District Court of Saratov on the same day fined the deputy 20 thousand rubles under Part 5 of Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation “Violation by a participant of a public event of the established procedure for holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, march or picketing.” The deputy and his representative appealed against this decision, asking him to cancel and terminate the proceedings.

“Since the court of first instance established that public events were not duly agreed with the city administration, Bondarenko's participation in them, regardless of his status, is illegal. After examining the evidence in the case, the Saratov Regional Court determined the decision of the judge of the Frunzensky District Court of the city of Saratov to leave without changes, complaints of the defense – without satisfaction, “- said in the message.

The press service noted that Bondarenko himself did not deny that he was at the rally, his active participation in the uncoordinated rally “was also expressed in the fact that he led a part of the protesters following to Mirny Lane to police station No. 6”. It is clarified that among the arguments of the defense there was a reference to the fact that Bondarenko was present at the event not as a participant, but as a deputy of the regional Duma “to check the legality of the actions of police officers in the event of arrest of participants in the event.”

“The rights, duties and powers of the deputies of the Saratov Regional Duma are enshrined in the law of the Saratov Region” On the Status of a Deputy of the Saratov Regional Duma. “According to Article 7 of the said law, a deputy is not entitled to use his status for activities not related to the exercise of deputy powers. security and law and order during public events is not a form of parliamentary activity prescribed by law, “the court explained.

The Saratov Regional Duma on February 17 recognized Bondarenko's participation in the January 31 rally as a violation of parliamentary ethics.

Earlier, Bondarenko on his YouTube channel announced his intention to run for the State Duma of the next convocation, if the Communist Party of the Russian Federation supports his nomination.

Uncoordinated protests took place on January 23 in different cities of Russia and continued on the 31st, despite numerous warnings from the authorities, as well as on February 2.

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