Steps for the development of the mountainous part of the republic outlined in Adygea

KRASNODAR, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Members of the Federation Council and the leadership of Adygea have outlined steps to develop a recreational cluster in the mountains, which should become a driver of the region's economy, the press service of the republican government reports.

Members of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy study on the spot how the individual development program of Adygea is being implemented. On Wednesday they examined cultural institutions, on Thursday – health facilities, renovated according to an individual program. Then the senators, together with the leadership of the region, visited the mountainous part of the republic. “The meeting participants discussed a number of topical issues related to the creation of a supporting infrastructure for tourism. In particular, the course of reconstruction of the Dakhovskaya-Lago-Naki plateau road,” the release notes.

According to the republican authorities, the amount of budgetary funds allocated for the reconstruction of this 11.1-kilometer highway is 474.5 million rubles. More than half of these funds have already been spent last year – the first stage of reconstruction has been completed. The work is carried out as part of the implementation of the Individual program of socio-economic development of Adygea. Complete reconstruction of this facility will be completed this year. “During the event, representatives of the Federation Council noted that one of the drivers of the region's economy could be the development of a recreational cluster in its mountainous part,” the release adds.

The head of the region, Murat Kumpilov, thanked the representatives of the Federation Council for their desire to assist in solving problems to strengthen the socio-economic situation of the republic. “Adygea is one of the most interesting subjects of the Russian Federation with beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage, where you can successfully develop the tourism industry. But without solving infrastructure issues – building roads, creating energy facilities and hotel services – we will not be able to talk about full-fledged movement in this direction. And the comprehensive support of our undertakings by the country's leadership … is of great importance for us, “the press service quotes the head of Adygea, Murat Kumpilov.

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