Roskomnadzor demanded from Google to remove all restrictions from the film about Crimea

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Roskomnadzor demanded from Google LLC to remove all restrictions on YouTube from the film “Crimea. The Way to the Homeland” by journalist Andrei Kondrashov as soon as possible, the ministry's press service told RIA Novosti.

The letter sent to the corporation emphasizes that this tape was aired on the Russia 1 and Russia 24 TV channels and there is no prohibited information in it. The company must also inform Roskomnadzor of the reasons for the restrictions.

The department stressed that the administration of the video hosting has violated the key principles of the free distribution of information. Roskomnadzor considers her actions to be an act of censorship against the Russian media.

The film “Crimea. The Way to the Homeland” was shown for the first time in March 2015. It includes, in particular, two detailed interviews with Vladimir Putin about the events of the Crimean Spring. The video was posted on the official account of the Russia 24 channel.

As explained on YouTube, in April 2020, an age limit was imposed on the recording due to the “images of a shot person, seriously injured victims and a person in a pool of blood” it contained. The film is available to users, but not recommended for viewing by some categories of viewers.

Recently, Russian media have frequently faced censorship on Western Internet platforms, including YouTube. Video hosting blocked the accounts of the Tsargrad channel, Anna News and News Front news agencies; it also deleted the Crimea 24 page.

In total, according to open sources, for several years the administration of the service has blacklisted about 200 Russian-language channels. Roskomnazdor recognized YouTube as the leader in spreading fake news.

In February, Russia passed a law on sanctions for censorship against Russian media.

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