Rosgvardia suppressed five cases of riots in the colonies in 2020

MOSCOW, 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Servicemen of the Rosgvardia last year took part in suppressing five mass riots in the colonies, said the director of the department, Viktor Zolotov.

“The troops took part in suppressing five mass riots in correctional institutions in the Volgograd, Omsk, Saratov, Irkutsk regions and in the Republic of Dagestan,” he said at a meeting of the FSIN board at the end of last year.

“Analysis of the participation of troops in suppressing riots at the facilities of the penal system allows us to conclude that the units are highly prepared for joint actions,” Zolotov added.

According to him, to assist the bodies of the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Rosgvardia keeps in readiness for use “more than 6.5 thousand servicemen and employees.”

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