Rosaviatsia found no signs of bankruptcy among Russian airlines

MOSCOW 12 Mar – RIA Novosti. Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Air Transport Agency is observing a slight deterioration in the financial and economic situation in individual Russian airlines, but does not note signs of bankruptcy, the head of the department Alexander Neradko told reporters. or we are not currently celebrating the airlines. Yes, we are observing the deterioration of certain indicators. But I think, I suppose, no one will declare bankruptcy. On the contrary, everyone somehow concentrated, grouped and are ready to continue working in the current situation, “Neradko said.

He noted that airlines' accounts payable are growing. “But this is happening not only for airlines, but for the entire aviation community … Everyone is in the same situation. We do not see anyone who would like to bankrupt an airline or an airport right now. On the contrary, we note the solidarity “, – said the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

“It is clear, everything is interconnected. Well, you will start to bankrupt the airline due to lease payments, relatively speaking. Well, well, where will you go to this plane later, in the current situation when the volume of traffic is being reduced? Therefore, all members of the aviation community, all subjects are in We note mutual understanding, we note that everyone believes that they must work together to get out of this situation, “he added.

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